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20 April 2010


Again...this headache thing is just plain jealous of my happy mood. I woke up this morning with the (second)  most painful headache I have ever experienced. The first time was like a year ago. That day I went to the pharmacy crying like a little child asking for painkillers. I stood in front of the counter with my head lying on the table and both hands on my head picit-picit, asking for the painkillers for headache. Suddenly one question popped out from the pharmacist's mouth, "For whom is this painkiller for?". I was like "Duhhh, you are staring right straight at me who is undeniable in terrible pain asking me that kind of question? Are you like want to get yourself killed?". Ok just be nice Wanie..."". Okay despite the !*&#@^ question, the painkillers did cure my headache. I think the pharmacist gave me the most powerful painkillers she had in the store after getting the stare of the mak ghimau. Hahaha..Ok that was then. 

Today...again!! Why is this happening to me when Mr Daus aka hubby is far away from his dearest wifey. He has some works at KL today and his wife is at Melaka lying on bed crying and blogging (Haha). I'm telling the truth...I am crying while writing, it's like a natural therapy. The pain seems to ease off while I am writing this headache post. There are few serious causes of headache, source: WIKI
And I hope all of these are not the causes to my headache. I got the terrible headache like 3-4 times in this week alone (today is only Tuesday). Oh headache please go away. Don't hurt me anymore.

~Life is wonderful~


  1. ntah ntah awak pregnant kot wanie? =) hehe. cepat check cepat check. hee

  2. Possible ke cik belle..pregnant kan loye-loye muntah-muntah? hehe

  3. pnig laki x duduk dkt..hahahha

  4. sesungguhnye apis..aku kan duk mlake skang.. :-P bln 7 kang yelaa..msti tak besh sbb kene duk jauh waaaaa

  5. uhuk..uhukkk :)

  6. uhhhuuukkk..uuuhhuuuukkkk......ehheemmm.... :P