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25 May 2010

Australia Vacation - Part 1

Hi hi...I'm backkk...

I've had an exciting vacation to Sydney, Australia last week.Went there from 14 May 2010 to 22 May 2010...Lebih kurang one week la tambah tolak time wasted on flight. Went there for my brother's convocation at University of New South Wales but of course la 2 in 1, vacation sekali. Hehe. Sangat best and excited because I get to see the famous Sydney Opera House although tak masuk dalam pun, the surroundings there dah cukup cantik untuk I berpuas hati. The best part is, weather kat sana sejuk and I berjalan-jalan dengan happynye without even one drop of sweat. At Sydney..the main transportation for me was bus. Very convenient and very easy to reach popular places by bus. Aussie's bus system is very systematic, my brother bought me one ticket called "Mymulti'.The ticket was used for the entire week. It costs around $40+ I think. Not very sure of the cost. Pay only one time for the ticket, U can ride on the bus as many times U need around Sydney for the whole week- depends on the duration of ticket U paid for. Didn't have the photo of the ticket, I've lost it. Silly me. But I think the ticket can be used to ride on ferries too because I saw bus, ferry pics on the ticket. Okay enough babbling :-P, let's enjoy sikit dulu pictures captured around Sydney. 

Day 1

Arrived at Sydney, first thing Sydney gave me was bloody nose.Haha.Maybe terlampau sejuk sampai body I tak tahan.I am like that.Can't stand too cold or too hot weather.Orang lain maybe biasa je kot weather macam tu but for me, perubahan dari panas ke sejuk tiba-tiba can give me headache+hidung berdarah.Sigh.My flight malam 14/5/2010 at 10.20pm. Arrived at Sydney dah pagi-they are 2 hours ahead of us.Meaning that if Malaysia 8.00am, Aussie 10am. Couldn't remember exactly the arrival time because terpaksa cope the weather yang sejuk bagai nak gila for the first time. Dulu masa pegi London back in 1996 I tak ingat pulak rasa sejuk macam ni, masa tu nak winter jugak, maybe sebab pakai lagi berlapis-lapis. First day, I cuma relax kat bilik je, being pregnant makes me become tired more easily. Malam tu my brother and I went to eat dinner at Michael's. They provide halal food, boleh makan dengan tanpa rasa serba salahnya. My brother told me the owner is a chinese from Kelantan. I ate Nasi goreng with honey chicken. Sedap jugak...chicken is a lil bit sweet tapi nama pun honey chicken kan..betullah kena sweet. 

Sydney Airport...sile abaikan muka wanita tak tahan silau matahari itu.. :-P

Nasi goreng Thai adik saya order kat sini pon sedappp...biggg portion.

Day 2

I went to Eastgardens shopping centre.Ni macam shopping complex biasa je.Being a more sightseeing than shopping person,I just round-round jela dekat sini.Enjoying the cold weather at last sambil window shopping.Oh ya while waiting for the bus to Eastgardens (have to change bus) I snapped a pic of one halal Thai food restaurant. This is a picture of halal restaurant called Taste of Thai. My brother bought me take away food from here called Pad-thai.Sedap..macam kuew teow kot. Ada variety of food to choose from. Price pulak standard makanan dekat Australia la $7-10 onwards but the food comes in very big portion for us Asians.I memang kalau beli food kat Australia mesti makan 2-3 times.

Tuuu the green sign shows Taste of Thai - Halal restaurant

Ni gambar Pad Thai sourcenya dari google. Lupa nak snap pic masa sebelum makan tu.
Source: Google Images

At Eastgardens shopping complex

Ni right in front Eastgardens, waiting for bus.

Okay la that's all for be continued in Part 2...

~Life is wonderful~


  1. tima kasih hadiah wahai pn wani...terharu dapat hadiah

  2. same-same en man..tak seberape pon..tengkiu krane menghargai pemberian tak seberape itew ;-)